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Diagram pointing out on the floor plan and a 3D isometric view of The Phoenix House the sustainable living features described below.

  • Green WallsOpen or Close

    Provide shade and edible fruits.

  • GreywaterOpen or Close

    The grey-water treatment system first filters out the sediment from the captured water, then pumps it into a digester using certain plants which provides further purification by removing bacteria. Once the water makes it through the digester it can be used to water plants.

  • Kitchen GardenOpen or Close

    The large kitchen deck is for entertaining and relaxing and family garden for growing produce such as broccoli, green beans, lettuce, and tomatoes.

  • Plants and VegetationOpen or Close

    This diagram shows the many areas that the collected grey-water can be put to use. In lines of disaster, this water source can prove valuable if the house is cut off from municipal water supply, and is a worthwhile sustainable practice during fair weather times.

  • Saving Resources: Recycled MaterialsOpen or Close

    Reclaimed Trestlewood barn wood from the Midwest is used for the planters and the house sidings. All framing for the deck and planters has been designed to generate zero construction waste.

    Trex decking boards are manufactures from 100% recycled plastic.

    Inside the house, the wood floor and kitchen counter-top use wood reclaimed from demolished buildings. Wood reclaimed from houses destroyed by a tornado could also be used in those components.