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Affordability and Market Appeal Contest Announcements

From the Solar Decathlon Facebook page –

“Like the Olympic decathlon, the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon consists of 10 contests.
These contests are designed to gauge how well the houses perform and how livable and affordable they are.

“Each contest is worth a maximum of 100 points, for a competition total of 1,000 points.
Learn more about the contests:


Today was the first set of announcements and awards for the measured contests. While we thought we would do well in both of these categories, we were shocked when we did this well!


After both Middlebury College (3rd) and Team Ontario (2nd) were called, the attitude among the group was mostly ‘Well, we probably got 4th.’
Then, they announced that there was a three-way tie. As the paper was opened, and right before the names were called, there was almost a moment of silence. Almost.

The first team called, just so happened to be Team Kentucky-Indiana. We were all in shock, and didn’t really know what to do. Thus began the awkward stand-up and almost freak-out.

Thanks to Solar Decathlon Photographers for this.


Congrats to the two other teams who tied for 1st, Norwich and Stanford!

Team Ontario (2nd), and Middlebury College (3rd) placed as well, and did excellently.

“‘The winners of the Solar Decathlon 2013 Affordability Contest have demonstrated that innovation in sustainable building can be achieved and implemented in real-world application,’ said professional estimator Rich Anderson of Faithful + Gould. ‘These teams have delivered affordable, livable homes that are also attractive to everyday consumers.'”


Later came Market Appeal, and while we didn’t place highly, we did pretty well. Congrats to Team Las Vegas (1st), Team Austria (2nd), The Czech Technical University, and Stanford University (tie 3rd) as well in Market Appeal!



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