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We’ve Pumped You Up!**

Water, water everywhere.
Well that’s wasn’t a problem a few days ago, however, it seems to be that California had dried out the Phoenix Team.

Key words are important in situations like this.

Friday afternoon, we realized there was a problem with our water bladder and pump. This was due to the water bladder being on a slight slope and air finding its way between the existing water and the pump.


After a day and a half of stressing out over the water issue, and losing a few points, the pump and water issue has been solved.

For celebration of fixing this, we made a meme.

The water issue was solved.



Outside of a few jury competitions, we’re working on setting up for the public exhibitions this coming weekend. After that, comes the deconstruction of the house and the sending it back to Louisville.



**Read the title in the voice Arnold Schwarzenegger