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Competition Overviews: Sunday, Day 4

Good Morning from Team Kentuckiana

As a team, we’re all a little sleepy, and a little stressed. Such is competition life.

Early morning, with the sun rising over the Santa Ana mountains.

However, here’s an update on the competitions from the last few days, and how they are measured for the overall points.

Doing the Laundry: As you all know, we have an energy efficient Profile series washer and dryer from GE. Each morning we’ve had to do laundry, starting around 7:30 AM we have to wash a set of towels, then dry them, and then immediately weigh the towels to prove they’re dry. During this time, an observer from the competition must witness the start of the washing, drying, and when you leave with the towels to weigh them.

Washing the Dishes: at 8:00 AM temperature sensors are placed in the dishwasher, by an observer, and you have until 10:30 to finish the dish-washing cycle. NO HEATED DRY. Just a part of the rules.

Hot Water Draw: Around 9:30 the hot water draw starts. The team member doing the draw is allowed roughly 1 minute to adjust the temperature and prepare for the testing . This is run through the shower, to show that we can have a ‘hot shower’ for an extended period. This is also the only time any of the interior doors can be shut in the house. No napping allowed boys and girls, no napping at all.

Cooking: Around 8:30, you have to start ‘cooking’. For this, you have to vaporize 80 ounces of water. The pot, with and without water is weighed. Because, you know, you can’t burn water.

Home Electronics: From 7:30 AM until 10:30 AM the TV & Computer must be on. The TV should play Skyfall and once you reach the credits, you must restart it. Let’s just say we’ve watched a lot of James Bond. Silently. There are no sound requirements, so we don’t always turn the volume up. The computer, when not being used by a decathlete, should show the homepage.

Comfort Zone: There are three humidity and temperature sensors, put in places that were all agreed up. Ours sit in the Master Bedroom, Children’s Bedroom, and then at the end of the counter-top between the Living Area and the Kitchen/Dining area. Awkward sensors are awkward.

So, I can't get up, that's a change. As part of the competition, this is a big deal. Each morning we get to wash all the things, and work some magic with the laundry. We have to watch this, always. But we opt to go without sound.

So far we’re doing okay in the competitions, and earning almost full points on everything. Outside of one issue, we’ve been doing just fine. It’s kind of lucky that the last issue, with the water, was fixed ~5 minutes before competition time this morning.


Today is our last day for Public Exhibition until next weekend. Yesterday we had approximately 1200 people go through the house on a tour. We don’t have an official count, so we’re counting on our own. ┬áPersonally, I know I had anywhere from 10-12 people in the Master Bedroom at any given time almost all day yesterday.

Solar Decathlon has been such an experience for each team member involved. It truly is a life changing experience.