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Deconstruction Phase

For The Phoenix House’s journey across the country, the team has had to take her apart into the two sections and lower the roof – which is exactly how it was designed.

This process took a fair amount of time. Over the course of a week and a half, the house was raised to spray in insulation, several side panels were removed to allow the roof to lower properly, and a crane arrived on site to help us lift it so a trailer could roll underneath.


Instead of raise the roof, we lowered it!

With the house in the final stages of deconstruction, the crane arrived to help with the lowering of the roof.

It looks so much smaller when on a trailer like this.

This is what the house looked like right before we took it through the tunnel to shrink wrap and final staging before leaving.

From there, the house had to move to it’s first staging area. This meant it had to move through a tunnel, while going downhill around a corner, and directly back uphill.

That was a close call.

Where construction took place for the Phoenix House was surrounded by railroad tracks. We had to find a way out, as we couldn’t go over, and the tunnel was the route we took. Nerve wracking, and stressful, but it made it all the way through with no problems.

After all this was said and done, the house was staged, shrink wrapped, and loaded to be sent on it’s way to California.

Wrapped up and ready to go!

With the Phoenix House finally wrapped up, it’s time for her to get on the move.


The University of Louisville filmed The Phoenix House rolling out, and the video is included below.


The journey has only begun!