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  • Rendering of the front of The Phoenix House from the perspective of a visitor walking up to the front porch.
    Phoenix House Front Porch
  • Rendering of the kitchen of The Phoenix House including the countertop, kitchen appliances, island, and ceiling trusses.
    Phoenix House Kitchen
  • Rendering of the East side of The Phoenix House showing the green wall and the solar panels.
    Phoenix House East Elevation
  • Rendering of the bathroom of The Phoenix House including the sink and walk-in shower.
    Phoenix House Bathroom
  • Rendering of The Phoenix House included in an aerial photo of a neighborhood with a house across the street and another down the road.
    Phoenix House Neighborhood Perspective
  • Rendering of the master bedroom of The Phoenix House including the bed, windows, and storage space.
    Phoenix House Master Bedroom
  • Rendering of The Phoenix House as seen from the backyard at sunset.
    Phoenix House North Elevation
  • Rendering of the living room of The Phoenix House.
    Phoenix House Living Room

The Phoenix House: a permanent solution for disaster relief

On Friday, March 2, 2012, Henryville, Indiana suffered an EF-4 tornado. With such devastation hitting so close to home, our team began to focus on developing a house that would be quickly deployable, reliable, and safe for people to restart their lives after disaster.

The Phoenix House is designed to be a permanent solution for disaster relief. After a disaster, one’s life is forever changed, and one wishes to return to the life he or she once knew. With the Phoenix House, the hope is to return to a life better than before. The phoenix is a shining symbol of rebirth. Team Kentuckiana is proud to reveal the Phoenix House as our design for the 2013 Solar Decathlon.